The Riddick Center is 73 this year!

Please donate to our RESTORE THE RIDDICK Fundraising campaign.

All Donations are tax-deductible.

We are a 501c3  non-profit organization, and a 5092 Public Benefit Charity.

 The Riddick Center is raising funds to:

  • replace our worn playground surface
  • install improved outdoor lighting
  • re-stucco the building
  • repair our irrigation system 
  • rejuvenate our landscaping
  • refurbish our interior flooring

Please contact Vice President Joanne Dorfman at ,  or mail your check directly to us at the address below.

In-Kind donations are very welcome, a tax deductible receipt is given for every accepted donation.

                 Not many communities have their own youth center. Ours does!
On May 31, 1945, the Marshall P. Riddick Youth Center opened its doors.

Since then, from Boy & Girl Scouts to Sock Hops, and Sewing Classes, the Riddick Center has been the place.

Still going strong today.

 Marshall P. Riddick Youth Center –

2634 Overland Avenue, Los Angeles,CA 90064